Ultimate solution for all types of Stress

Summary :-

Strescare aproven solution against all kinds of stress. Its unique composition of Vitamins helps to remove different kind of stress in the birds there by improves growth production, fertility, hatchability and overall performance in the birds.

Composition :-

Each 1O ml contains

Vitamin A : 2500001U

Vitamin D3 : 250001U

Vitamin C : 50mg

Vitamin E : 150mg

Vitamin B1 : 5mg

Vitamin B12 : 5mcg

Niacin : 30mg

Benefits :-

Maintain the optimum level of Vitamins in birds

Reduces early chick mortality due to stress conditions

Improve vaccinationtitre Improvesgrowth, production, fertility and hatchability

Enhances immune response

Improves laying performance in conditions of extreme climate

Usage :-

Poultry (per day/100 Birds)

Chicken and Growers :5 ml

Layers & Finishers: 10 ml

Breeders : 10-15 ml

(Administer by mixing in morning water for 5-7days)

Presentation :-

1 Litre / 5Litre Jar

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