Specially designed thermostable phytase enzymes 5000 FTU / Gm Granules for Poultry

Active Ingredients :-

This product contains PHYTASE enzyme with carrier.

Assyable Activity :-

5000 FTU / Gram in granular or Micro Granuler from.

Description :-

This product contains PHYTASE enzyme for better feed utilization and improves phosphorus availability of the feed.

Application :-

Releases PHYTASE bound phosphorus from plant feed stuffs in the poultry feed ration.

Improves minerals and protein utilization.

Increases phosphours availability of the feed and reduces the addition of DCP

Releases minerals for assimilation.

Good and thick egg sheels quality

Prevents leg weakness and other phophorus deficiency related symptoms or disorders

Dosage :-

Layer, Broiler & Grower : 75 gms to 100 gms / ton of feed.
Usage Recommendations : As advised by a veterinary consultant.

Disclaimer :-

The dosage and usage suggested are based on our research and field experience and the
same needs to be adjusted according to the flock conditions or on the advice of a veterinarian.

Presentation :-

5Kg. & 25 Kg. HDPE Paper Bags.


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