A Novel Biotechnologically derived product to control litter problems and loose droppings in poultry

Features :-

PROSOL-G contains a combination of bioactive peptides,natural ligands, probiotic strains & biochemical molecules.

All these molecules concurrently acts and cotrol all types GUT problems produced by different metabolic disorders, deficiencies and pathogenic microbial infections

Control and prevents loose dropping, colour droppings (yellow, red, brown, green and foamy white) of poultry birds like broiler and layer.

Potect GIT of chicks from early stage pathogenic microbial infections.

Benefits :-

Probiotics restrict the growth and propagation of disease causing pathogenic microbes like E.coli, salmonella, schigella and eradicate them from GIT.

Fast and effective action to control loose droppings and colour droppings

Natural ligands binds to myco, endo toxins and neutralizes them.

Bioactive peptides enhance mineral, vitamin and nutrient absorption, assimilation to protect the bird from disrroheal stress.

Improves FCR, performance.

Completely safe and free from antibiotics.

Stimulates immune system.

Dosage :-

200 to 300 gms of PROSOL-G for 5000 chicks/birds during the first intake of water
or feed of the day.

Dosage may be adjusted depending on the flock conditios or as advised by the consultant

Presentation :-

500 grams and 1 kg Foil Pack.


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