Respiratory Tonic
Ultimate solution for Respiratory Distress

Summary :-

Today, one of the most avoidable problems faced by poultry birds is Respiratory diseases. It may caused by bacteria, virus, climate changes or other managmental factors.There are many secondary complications like respiratory distress, cough, gasping, weight loss high morbidity and mortality associated with respiratory diseases.Antibiotics can control the bacterial causes of the problem but are not able to solve the secondary problem associated with it.

RESPIN-V is the ultimate herbal solution to help solve secondary problems such as coughing increased mucus formation, severe respiratory tract inflammation, low feed consumption, weight loss etc., associated with Respiratory diseases.

Respin-V herbal composition consisting of different type of name herbs namely vasaka, Tulsi, Sunthi, etc., with essential oils helps to counter the problems associated wit respiratory diseases.Respin-v has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antiallergic, antihistaminic, antimicrobial, decongestant and bronchodilatory effects with help for faster recovery from the respiratory diseases.

Benefits :-

Relieves secondary problems like respiratory distress, cough, gasping, and weight loss associated.

Maintains the bird's performance in respiratory diseases like CRD, Coryza etc.

Minimize secondary bacterial complications

Improves growth and performance in the birds

Asacotherapy with antibiotics for prevention of production losses in CRD outbreaks

As a supportive to antibiotics for fast and complete recovery fromsevererespiratoryinfections

Dosage :-

(Per day 100 Birds)

Chicks - 2.5 ml

Growers - 5 ml

Layers/broilers finishers - 10 ml

Breeder(at Lay) - 10-15 ml

For 5-7 days by mixing in drinking water or advised by veterinarian.

In severe cases dose may be doubled & period of treatment may be increased.

Presentation :-

1 litre jar/ 5 litres jar

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