Features :-

Contains a blend of organic acids and their salts, buffering agents, organic acid secreting probiotic strains of normal flora.

Organic acids maintain the acidic pH of digestive system (stomach, crop onward part, duodenum etc) of poultry birds.

As per segment wise they maintain the pH by equilibrate the H ion concentration.

Buffering agents maintain the acidic pH for long time Organic acid secreting probiotic microbes releases natural.

Organic acids to equilibrate the pH.

Benefits :-

Maintain GUT pH and favours the digestion process.

Natural organic acids maintains the pH of GUT for the better action of digestive enzymes which works at acidic pH.

Prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Organic acid secreting probiotic strains acts as probiotic normal flora in the intestinal tract.

Avoid the colonization and biofilm formation,

Improvement in daily growth, FCR.

Favours the absorption of minerals, drug active ingredients Also used as water acidifier and
controls general mortality

Broilers :-

500 gm to 1 kg per Ton of feed.

Layers :-

500 gm to 1 kg per Ton of feed.

Breeders :-

1 to 2.5 kg per Ton of feed.

Presentation :-

25 kgs HDPE Paper bags.


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