Patented disinfecting agent for all purposes

Features :-

PANNOSAN plus is broad spectrum disinfectant and sanitizer used in poultry and veterinary. It kills all types of pathogenic microorganisms including viral cells and also it resist the growth and survival of all spore, microbial cells which cause diseases in all ecosystmes.

Benefits :-

It controls the growth of all pathogenic microorganisms

It is a novel formulae with silver ions and titrate ions, which are technically proved and validated bactercidal, viricidal and fungicidal activity,

Broad spectrum activity, floor cleaning, water sanitization etc.,

Best in action after use

Result oriented.

Usage :-

Use 100ml in 2,000 lt of water tank.

Use 5ml in 1 lt of water and keep nozzle spray bottle for hand sanitization,
utensils, feed utensils, trays surface cleaning.

Use 60 ml in 20 lts of water for spray on birds & chicks.

Dosage :-

As per advise of Veterinery consultant

Presentation :-

5 lt & 20 ltr


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