Features :-

Contains Vitamin E, Selenium, Biotin and Natural Bioactive peptide caps.

Contains proprietary blend of Vitamins, minerals and Natural bio active peptides.

Natural bioactive peptides enhance the vitamins, minerals bioavilability & provocate the absorption and assimilation very effectively with out loss of nutrient value

Bioactive peptides initiate the immune system and prevent the contamination, spread of diseases

Benefits :-

Improves the immunity, growth and production

Control and prevent the cytotoxic free radical action and improve the defense system

Enhance the humoral and cell mediated immune functions.

Improve the performance of broilers any layers.

Resist the loss of metabolic energy due to metabolic strees.

Improve the fertility and hatchability.

Prevent the body from heavy metal toxics.

Dosage :-

200 to 300 gm / Ton of feed.

Selecron :-

For 100 birds

Chicks :-

5ml, Broiler & Layer : 10 ml


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