Technically Proved Toxin Binder to Inactivate & Reduce The Bioavailability of all types of Mycotoxins.

Features :-

Prevention is better than therapy.

Technically proved and effectively acting toxin binder which protect poultry flock from mycosis diseases.

Binds to all types of toxins based on their polarity and net charge, finally decontaminate them.

Inactivate toxins, improves the nutrient intake and absorbtion. Protect Intestinal tract

Contains :-

Potential absorbent materials such as activated carbon (Inactivate deoxynivalenol and nivanenol), allumino silicates, earth minerals, Aflatoxin selective HSCAS inactivate ochratoxin, sterigmatocystin.

Complex indigestible carbohydrates such as cellulose, mannan oligosaccharides and peptido glycans Inactivate T-2 toxin, Zeralenone and auro fusarin toxin.

Synthetic polymers such as PVPP inactivate aflatoxin and Zeralenone.

Organic Acids - Inactivate most of the mycotoxins.

Probiotic Strains such as lactic acid bacteria, propioni bacteria and bifido bacteria effectively
inactivate the fusarium produced mycotoxins.

Dosage :-

Use 0.5 kg/Ton of feed at regular usage for prevention. Based on moisture content use
dosage 1 kg to 1.5 kg / Ton of feed.

Presentation :-

25 kgs HDPE Paper Bags.


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