(Multivitamin Premix)
(In the form of Granule or Powder)

Functions :-

Specially designed proprietary combination of ligand bound bioactive natural peptides which acts as mediators and enhancers for better absorption and assimilation of both water soluble and fat soluble vitamins.

Prevents escape of water soluble and fat soluble vitamins form GUT. Enhance microvilli assimilation power for vitamin and mineral intake with low energy use.

Sustained and sequencial release of vitamins. Challenging function for preventing costly vitamin loss it leads to increase the stability and bioavilability of vitamins.

Prevents the usage of vitamins by microorganisms. make always readily availability of vitamins for metabolic intake, Prevents overages of vitamin usage during formulation and feed preparation.

Benefits :-

Improves body weight, FCR, egg production, performance. Prevents destabilization and
deficiency of vitamins. Manage and equilibrate the vitamins level during metabolic strees.
Better bioavailability and long shelf life with prove stability. Boost immunity.
Enhance metabilic activities.

Dosage :-

250-500 gms of Pregamix / ton of feed For chick : 5ml / 100Chicks Day For Layer, grower and
Broiler 5ml-10ml / 100 brids / day.

Presentation :-

1 kg Foil, 5 kg and 25 kg HDPE Paper bags / 25 kgs HDPE Drum


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