Specially designed anti gout formula for poultry

Benefits :-

Helps to prevent visceral and articular gout. Helps in excretion of uric acid and execssive fluid from the body.

Prevent early chick moratality due to gout. Improves body Immunity.

Protect the kidney from harmful effect of uric acid. Helps to replenish the kidney.

Features :-

Potassium Citrate maintains kidney salt balance by manage mucliage dissolves
in urinary tubules.

Herbal contant of Nephro-tac helps to Improve the function of the kidney and prevent
the damage caused by uric acid to kidney.

Uric acid solubilizers dissolves masses which cause Gout leads to relieve from the diseases.

Dosage :-

In mild cases - 10ml/ 100 birds In severe cases - 20ml/ 100 birds

Presentation :-

1 litre / 5 litre jars.


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