Specially designed formulae contains a blend of growth enhancing components called class A&B Bioactive peptides, aminoacid ligands Enzymes, Prebiotics, Bacitracins, probiotics, immunity boosters, chelated trace minerals fortified with peptides.

Features :-

Class B Bioactive peptides enhance the nutrient absorption and assimilatiom, reduce the loss of nutrients during digestion process.

Class B Bioactive peptides enhance the muscle and bone metabolism leads to bone and muscle growth.

Improves dermal blood circulation leads to natural qulity pink colooration of the dermis

Feed grade Bacitracins protect the flock from pathogens

Enzymes enhance the digestion of biomolecules.

Immune boosters pro-alert the immune system to fight with pathogens at the time of risk.

Probiotics maintain gut pH and equilibrate the normal flora of gut. Prebiotics enhance the energy metabolism.

Aminoacid ligands equilibrate the mineral and vitamin absorption, assimilation and protein metabolism.

Benefits :-

Challenged improvement in broiler performance with healthy weight gain.

Enhance the growth in grower and layer birds.

Enhance muscle and bone growth leads to real weight

Dossage :-

for Broilers & Growers / Layers

Power Formulation :-

Use 500gm to 1kg/ ton of feed

Liquid Formulation:-

Use 5 ml to 10ml / 100birds in drinking water


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