DL-Methionine powder - 98.9% Pure


Increase the production of liver triglycerides & fat in subcutaneous adipocyte area.

Increases the neurological health. Improves FCR, body weight gain in broilers.

Increases the rate of growth and egg production in layers.

Improves the egg quality. Favours the protein metabolism.

Features :-

Produced by processing of submerged fermentation broth of coryny bacterium and purification of plant derived hydrolyzed proteins with bioprocess chromatography containing novel and first developed protocol

It is the first limiting aminoacid of poultry fed.

DL-Methionine is the only sulphur containing amino acids.

It is essential nutrient and lipotropic agent.

It is used widely in feed mixes

It plays an improtant role in biological methylations.

Deficiency Symptoms :-

Decreased growth rate of birds, poor feathering, decreased egg production of layer,
cannibalism, decreased feed efficiency, decreased weight & size of eggs.

Presentation :-

25 kgs HDPE Paper bags


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