Vitamin E, Selenium with Biotin in Herbal Form

Summary :-

Anti Stressor with synergistic action of Vitamin E, Selenium with Biotin. The modern day poultry breeds are developed genetically to yield maximum production in the least possible time. This means that they are more susceptible to the different types of stressors and diseases challenges.

Intracellular antioxidant that protect the cell from inside. prevents the degenerative changes in the muscles and liver

Protect the cells extra cellularly. Improves growth and production in the birds

Benefits :-

Reduces all types of stresses including vaccination, debreaking, climate, production, diseases etc.

Improves antibody titer after vaccination

Improves fertility and hatchability in parent flocks

Prevent diseases condition like Encephalomalacia and Exudative diathesis in poultry

Dosage :-

(Per day 100 birds)

Chicks - 2.5 ml

Growers - 5 ml

Layers/Broiler finishers - 10 ml

Breeder(at Lay) - 10-15 ml

Presentation :-

1 Litre / 5 Litres Jar


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