Unique combination of Ca, P,
Vit.D3, B12 Along with Trace Minerals

Summary :-

A Unique formulation contains Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3, and vitamin B12, along with trace minerals (Zn, Cu and Mn)which helps to improve the production, Growth and egg shell quality in the birds. The trace minerals present in Nutrical D act as a coenzyme in many vital processess inthe body of the birds. There by helps to improves the production, body immunity and over all performance of the bird.

Composition :-

Each 100ml contains

Calcium : 3500 mg

Phosphorus : 1750 mg

Vitamin D3 : 16000IU

Vitamin B12 : 200mcg

Copper : 30mg

Manganese : 80mg

Zinc : 60mg

Benefits :-

Provides optimum Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D3 to the birds

Improves eggshell quality, production, fertility and hatchability in the birds

Prevents Rickets and Osteomalacia

Prevents cage layer fatigue, prolapse and cannibalism.

Preventsanaemia, stunted growth and hypocalcaemia

Prevents leg weakness and improve weight gains in the birds

Dosage :-

(Per 100 birds/day in drinking water)

Chicks - 5ml

Growers - 10ml

Layers/Finisher - 20ml

Presentation :-

1 LitreJar / 5 Litres


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